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Termframe is a terminology knowledge base for Karstology in three languages: English, Slovene and Croatian.

Termframe - terms, definitions and more

The Karst knowledge base contains terms and their definitions, images, the term’s frame, a structured presentation of the concept’s defining features, an interactive graph of its neighbourhood and – if relevant - a map of geolocations where the karst phenomenon may be found.

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What is Termframe?

TermFrame was created within a 3-year research project in which we explore Karst terminology using the frame-based approach.

All the data in the knowledge base was obtained from large representative text collections containing books, articles, PhD theses and lexicons about karst. The relevant elements of knowledge were identified either manually through multiple levels of annotation, or automatically using advanced text mining and natural language processing methods.


Karstology is an interdisciplinary field combining geography, geology, hydrology, geochemistry and other subfields to study karst. Karst is the term used to describe a special type of landscape containing caves and extensive underground water systems that is developed on soluble rocks such as limestone, marble, and gypsum.

Frame-Based Terminology

Frame-Based Terminology inherently combines insights from linguistics, cognitive science and terminology to elicit knowledge structures and gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic interplay between knowledge and the way it is expressed in natural language.